Vaginal discharge for one month

Posted 2021-03-03
Is this normal

Normal discharge does not have an odor, and it shouldnt itch or cause irritation. The things that you should be worried about include if the discharge has a yellow or green color, is clumpy like cottage cheese, or has a bad odor.

Vaginal discharge color guide

Should you try a vaginal exerciser. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form.

All types of vaginal discharge

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What your vaginal discharge is trying to tell you

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Milky white discharge

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Vaginal discharge in the third trimester

No itchy no burning no problem urinating.

Types of vaginal discharge

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Normal vs abnormal vaginal discharge

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Vaginal discharge during early pregnancy

The egg white vaginal discharge is a telltale sign that you are about to ovulate.

Vaginal discharge and spotting what's that in my underwear

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